Protection Shield Principles

The Progdax organizations recognized in this Notice have resolved to maintain the Privacy Shield standards and encompassing necessities of the structure. The standards are: Notice; Choice (Consent); Accountability for Onward Transfer; Security; Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation; Access; and Recourse, Enforcement and Liability. For more data on the E.U.- U.S. Protection Shield or to see our affirmations, if you don't mind visit

Extent of Individuals and Personal Data

Journey Diagnostics' Privacy Shield confirmation to the U.S. Division of Commerce affirms its adherence to that structure for E.U. individual data moved to the U.S., according to patients, clinical examination members, representatives, previous workers, recipients recognized by representatives, work candidates, social insurance experts, different clients, and providers. Mission Diagnostics confines its assortment, preparing and capacity of individual data to circumstances where it has an authentic business enthusiasm for the data.

Data About the Privacy Shield

The Privacy Shield system, which is together settled by the European Commission and the U.S. Division of Commerce, permits organizations, for example, Progdax Diagnostics to self-ensure to the seven security standards and encompassing necessities of the structure for reasons for ensuring and defending individual information identifying with inhabitants of the European Union (E.U.) and European Economic Area (E.E.A.). In return for finishing the necessities of the Privacy Shield system, and resolving to maintain those prerequisites, U.S.- based associations, for example, Progdax are announced by the European Commission to have received 'sufficient' protection and security guidelines for that individual information. This implies they can get E.U. or on the other hand E.E.A. individual information without first satisfying another cross-outskirt information move strategy as gave under the E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, yet should in any case satisfy the encompassing information assurance necessities that apply to the information, for whatever length of time that it is under their authority or control.

Outsider Transfers

Journey Diagnostics and its offshoots that have ensured to the Privacy Shield endow certain individual data relating to E.U. people to outsider accomplices who help those organizations with their business exercises, or who have administrative or legitimate oversight duties corresponding to certain business exercises. Where they do as such, Progdax Diagnostics and its members that have confirmed to the Privacy Shield find a way to guarantee that the outsiders depended with E.U. individual information maintain a proportionate degree of security for the information. Journey Diagnostics and its offshoots that have guaranteed to the Privacy Shield additionally comprehend that the organization can be considered mindful if its colleagues endowed with E.U. individual data abuse those commitments.


In consistence with the Privacy Shield standards, Progdax Diagnostics and its members that have guaranteed to the Privacy Shield resolve to determine grievances about its assortment or utilization of your own data. E.U. people with requests or protests in regards to their Privacy Shield approaches or practices should initially contact our Privacy Officer at: As per our Privacy Shield responsibility, Progdax Diagnostics has embraced contest goal rehearses that are intended to assess and resolve any protests or worries about your protection and its assortment or utilization of your own data inside thirty (30) days of receipt.

Outsider Dispute Resolution

Mission Diagnostics and its subsidiaries that have confirmed to the Privacy Shield have additionally dedicated to help out the E.U. administrative specialists as to uncertain Privacy Shield protests, including those concerning HR information moved from the E.U. with regards to the business relationship. In the event that you don't get ideal affirmation of your grumbling from Progdax Diagnostics, or if the organization has not tended to your objection agreeable to you, you reserve the privilege to contact the E.U. administrative specialists more data or to record a grumbling. The administrations of E.U. administrative specialists are given at no expense to you. Journey Diagnostics has additionally dedicated to help out the board set up by the E.U. information assurance specialists (DPAs) with respect to uncertain Privacy Shield protests concerning information moved from the E.U.

Administrative Oversight and Enforcement

Mission Diagnostics and its subsidiaries that have affirmed to the Privacy Shield are additionally dependent upon investigatory and authorization authority of the U.S. what's more, E.U. organizations who direct the Privacy Shield system, to be specific the U.S. Government Trade Commission and the important E.U. administrative specialists. People additionally reserve an option to record a protest with these oversight organizations, especially on the off chance that you accept your objection isn't agreeably settled through Progdax Diagnostics.

Right to Binding Arbitration

As per the Privacy Shield structure, E.U. people might have the option to conjure restricting discretion before a Privacy Shield Panel in the event that they accept that their case has not been taken care of by the organization in a good way.

Privileges of Individuals to Access Their Data

E.U. people reserve the privilege to get to individual data about them, and to restrain use and revelation of their own data. With its Privacy Shield affirmation, Progdax Diagnostics and its offshoots that have ensured to the Privacy Shield have resolved to regard and maintain those rights. Should you wish to practice those rights, the organization demands that you reach us at: You may likewise keep in touch with us at: Progdax Diagnostics Incorporated, Attention: Privacy Officer, 500 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 USA. It would be ideal if you note that there are sure confinements on these rights, as portrayed in the Privacy Shield structure.

Law Enforcement Requests

Mission Diagnostics and its members that have guaranteed to the Privacy Shield are required to unveil individual data in light of legitimate solicitations by open specialists, incorporating consistence with national security or law authorization necessities.


In the event that there is any contention between the terms in this protection strategy and the Privacy Shield standards, the Privacy Shield standards will oversee.